Summers are famous for their long days. Real estate agent in Long Island has come up with a home maintenance checklist for you. This summer, check out this to-do list for your home maintenance and mark everything one by one.

Let’s Get Started 

  • Say Goodbye to Mosquitos

Sluggish water is the home of mosquitos. Whether it’s in a pool or in a lake, it can breed mosquitoes. In this summer season, give a round to your home after every two days. Make sure to throw and refill the water. The flowerpots, pool, toys, birdbath, and patio equipment need to come into notice. With this, make your home a mosquito-free place and enjoy your summer evenings. You can also buy an electric mosquito killer for just under $15. Place it in the required area and enjoy mosquito-free space. 

  • Examine the Places in Need of Fixtures

Look around your kitchen and bathrooms. Find out if there is any leakage or repair requirement. Prepare a list of the areas which need attention. Decide if they can be fixed with a grout coat or not. If yes, then go ahead and repair that. With this, clear the kitchen sink with a quick remedy. Use some ice cubes and two tablespoons of salt, grind them together and drain them in the pipes with blockages. You can also contact the professionals of Real Estate Agent in Long Island for assistance. 

  • Look at All Safety Devices

Check all the devices for the protection of your home and your loved ones. Test the detectors of smoke and carbon dioxide once a month. Press the test button to see if they are working properly. Replace their batteries when needed. Also, look at the fire extinguishers and repair them too if required.

  • Clean And Decorate the Soft Furnishings

While chilling in the long days of summer, change the look of your furnishings. Send the carpets, cushions, and slipcovers to the laundry. Wash the curtains by yourself or get it done by someone else. Dry clean the ones which are not washable by machine. Keep the dust off by vacuuming the furniture daily. Change the soft furnishings when the designs seem outdated. Real Estate in Long Island also has some mindful ideas for home decorations.

  • Upgrade the Porch

Summer evenings are beautiful, perfect for making new memories. For this, all you need is to upgrade your porch. Start by scrubbing the floor, windows, and doors. Clean the ceilings and corners with a duster. Decorate the porch with a new rug and some flowerpots for a fresh look. Set tables and couches or clean if you have any. Enjoy the summer evenings with a perfect view and cold drinks.

  • Cleanse up the Grill

Get ready for partying this summer with this activity by Real Estate Agent in Long Island. Grilling never goes out of the season. Doing barbeque in the backyard in summer evenings sounds like a lot of fun. For this, a cleaned-up grill can do wonders. Among which cooking food in minutes and safety from flare-ups are the top ones. For cleaning, examine the fuel line or cracks. Clean the clogged holes. Use a grill brush to clean the vents. Lastly, use soapy warm water to wash the grill. With all these steps, you are good to go.

  • Warm-Up Your Garden Tools

Sitting in your garden in the summer evenings feels amazing. For this, your garden must look polished. Therefore, warm up your garden tools for that. Send your garden tools and lawn mower for sharpening. Use a wet cloth to clean them after use. Dry them after that. Use some oil to make them greasy and avoid rust. With this, your garden tools will help you in making your garden an adorable one.

  • Make The Garage a Tidy One

Cleaning the garage is a challenging task. But With Real Estate Agent in Long Island, it’s no more. If you have a big house, this will take a week or more. Start by making a to-do list for this task. Divide your hours for each thing to do. Decide where to donate the items which are of no use for you. Dispose of hazardous items. Sell out the items you think have a good monetary value. Scrub the floor and clean all storage racks. Once all done, add more storage spaces. In this way, you can store more things neatly. 

  • Decorate The Outdoors with Shades

Summer is a lovely season for sure. But the afternoons are not the lovely ones. To do this, add more shades to the outdoors. Start by adding colorful detached umbrellas. They provide convenient shade. With this, the areas of dining and seating will become beautiful and shady. You can also go for a shade sail. Planting trees outside is also a valuable environment friendly option. 


Summer is the season when people don’t want to step out. As a result, the house remains unmaintained. But this summer, be productive and retain your home’s distinctiveness. Do everything mentioned in the list by the Real Estate Agent in Long Island. Make your summer fun and valuable!

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