Covid-19 has turned everything upside down. But Real Estate Agent in Long Island have your back. The world is moving towards new technologies due to this pandemic. And therefore, today we will discuss virtual open houses. The concept of virtual open houses is new for most of us. These houses have also proved to be more modern than the traditional ones. With this increasing trend, all real estate agents are adopting them too. Real estate agents are investing in virtual open houses. They are giving virtual home tours to their customers. That too with basic and easy-to-use technology. Continue reading if you are also thinking of investing in these houses. It includes everything you need to know about virtual open houses.

What Is a Virtual Open House?

The term virtual open house is not connected with high-tech tours of 3D houses. Which is what most people think. But the reality is different. Virtual open houses can be organized with a simple smartphone and internet. With the help of apps like zoom and skype, you are good to go.  With simple smartphones and the internet, many real estate agents have gained success. And this trend of success is continuing every day.

The concept of virtual open houses has been cleared up till now. With this, many agents are earning high profits in this pandemic too. But the question is, how will you begin with this? Well, keep reading!

3 Essential Steps to Get Started

1. Select Your Layout

Everyone has their own choices when it comes to designing homes. There are two choices in this case. The first one is pre-recorded and the second one is live. These two layouts have different advantages and disadvantages. Note that your virtual open house depends on the choice of your format.

  • Pre-Recorded Virtual Open House

Advantages of Pre-Recorded Virtual Open House:

An open house that is pre-recorded gives you more control. You can readjust or polish the settings of the house. This is because you have enough time to do that. From arranging the flights to arranging the décor. You can do anything. You can also choose the beautiful corners of your house to be recorded. Also, it gives you relief from internet stability issues. On online platforms, you can post the video. So that anyone from anywhere can see your open house tour.

Disadvantages of Pre-Recorded Virtual Open House:

Pre-recorded means everything has been recorded. This can give a feeling of scripted or artificial to the viewers. Because the clients cannot ask queries. And you can also not determine the level of interest of clients. Pre-recorded house tours are also not preferred by the clients. As they believe that the issues may not have been recorded in the video.

  • Live Virtual Open Houses

Advantages of Live Virtual Open Houses:

A tour of live virtual open houses gives real-time experience to clients. You can answer the client’s queries on the spot. In life, you can start a discussion about the features of the house. You can show anything or any corner to the clients at their request. This will satisfy the customers and higher the chances of purchasing. Apps like zoom, skype, Facebook, YouTube are your friends. These apps will allow you to go live with your smartphone. You can simply create a link for a live session. And invite your participants of the house tour to join.

Your live virtual house tour can also be uploaded on YouTube. So that the ones who missed that, can see it. Also, anyone from anywhere can join the live session. This also increases the chances of purchasing.

Disadvantages of Live Virtual Open Houses:

Since the virtual open house is live, you should be ready for blunders. Issues like technical complications or harsh clients can be raised during the session. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the risk while doing this. For a single buyer, you can manage the live session by yourself. But if you have many buyers, you will need help. Because a lot of buyers can ask you to show some corners again. Some of them can troll you too while presenting. The issue of internet stability could also be a hurdle for your live session.

2. Plan

Everything needs to be preplanned if it needs to be perfect and successful. The case is the same for the success of your virtual open house. Every detail needs to be considered. For a firmer impact and high chances of purchase. 

Real estate agent in Long Island has prepared a checklist for this purpose. Use this and prepare yourself in a more organized way. Remember every detail and ace your virtual open house deal.

Checklist for Pre-Open House

  • For an open house, take permission from the dealer. Walk around the open house to have an idea.
  • Use the guidelines of covid-19. Wear a mask and gloves. Use sanitizer after every 10 minutes. Follow other guidelines too specified by the state.
  • For a live virtual open house tour, contact the internet supplier first. Get the connection done. Make sure to have a stable connection on the day of life. Keep a backup in case of any emergency.
  • Make sure to have good audio quality. Your audio should be clean and clear.
  • For a live virtual open house, prepare your presentation. Practice it to make sure you can answer queries.
  • Keep in touch with your team to handle difficulties through group messages.

Checklist for Expanded Checklist

This checklist is for those who have a high budget. In this case, here we have discussed what you should buy.

  • A Good Device for Recording Videos:

Action cameras, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, or camcorders can be your options.

  • External microphone:

For good quality of sound, buy an external mike. This will help in excluding noises. While giving you more convenience.

  • A Video Encoder:

It is essential for compressing the videos to high quality.

  • Battery Power System:

This is required to have a smooth recording process. So that you do not need to shift the batteries while recording.

  • LTE Modem:

It is essential for a stable and smooth internet connection.

  • A Tripod:

This is required to keep the cameras stable while recording.Real Estate Agent in long Island

3. Advertise

Without advertisement, how will anyone know about your virtual open house? Your perfect live session or your deals will be of no value. If there is no promotion. Below are the options for you to promote your virtual open house.

  • With Social Media

Use your Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. Post a picture or a URL link of your recording. Upload your virtual open house recorded session on Facebook and YouTube. You can go live on Facebook or YouTube. Schedule a live session and forward the link to your participants. Gather more audience by posting stories on Instagram. Post about your virtual open house on your LinkedIn account too. Make short videos with background music and post on Tik Tok. Get a huge number of likes and shares with these steps. With these, you are all set to promote your virtual open house. That too with a high chance of success with a huge number of audiences. All of this with just using your social media accounts in the right way.  


Everything is changing at a fast pace these days. So is the trend of buying and selling houses. The trend of virtual open houses is these days. This article about Real Estate Agent in Long Island has everything about it. All you need to do is gear up yourself. Step into this trend and start earning profits. Without the fear of covid-19 and lockdown restrictions impacting your business.

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