Basements or rooftops have a lot of space that can be used for many purposes. Once the building of a house completes, these remain incomplete most often. Read this article by Houses for sale in Long island before you decide to finish any of them. A useless basement/rooftop does not give you the best value for your money. It can be a reason for storage issues as well. Therefore, it is best to turn your idle basement/attic into something you like. There are many ways to use these places. One of them is turning it into an additional bedroom or workout room. You can transform it into your home office or your library, or anything. Doing this will give you lots of space to do whatever you want. Not only this, but you will use your home to its maximum potential. But it is vital to consider some things before you transform your basement/rooftop. Consider these five things before you start.

Let’s Get Started

  1. Call A Professional Engineer and Get Your Basement Inspected

Basements/attics can become defective after being unused for some time. Therefore, it is necessary to contact a professional engineer to inspect it. He or she will adequately examine them. He will also tell you if there is any need to rebuild the area. By doing this, the need for any structural change will also be highlighted. You can also discuss your idea about what you want to make in the attic or basement. The professional will guide you more about the details. What is the width, height, space, and other things that are suitable for that or not? Doing this will cost you a little money. But it will save you from surprise disasters. 

  1. Determine If Your Basement Need Any Support

Most of the time, the basements or rooftops are not designed for living spaces. Due to this, they lack the support required for carrying weight. Therefore, it is necessary to determine if the floor is strong or not. Or can it support the additional weight of living space furniture or accessories? If your base is weak, it’s better to add an extra floor for support. This is the only way to turn your attic or basement into anything you want. The other base will increase the capacity of the older floor to bear more burden. The professional you will hire for inspection can also guide you more about it. Most of the house owners have houses for sale in Long Island but they forget this point. Make sure you don’t make this mistake. 


Houses for sale in Long island

Houses for sale in Long island

  1. Check the Points of Entrance & Exit

Entrance and exit points are essential things to consider. Because without these, you will not be able to enter or exit your favorite place. Exit is more critical. Without an exit gate, there is no way to escape in an emergency. Therefore, it is crucial to see if your basement or rooftop has both doors or not. Basements usually do not have an extra door. So, it is recommended to install a door before you start building. Whereas rooftops typically have many ways to help you in exiting. One of them is the windows for a quick exit.

  1. Decide What Do You Want to Make and Plan Accordingly

It is better to know what you want from the idle space. It should be something which can give your house an edge among Houses for Sale in Long Island. You should think and decide your options first. Keep in mind your basement or attic before you think. Have a vision of how you will turn it into something you want. What will you need, and how will you organize? Doing this will help you in using the idle space to the maximum. Once you have thought, start planning. Plan and list down the steps you believe will be necessary. After planning, start executing.

  1. Solve The Issues of Temperature & Humidity

No matter if it is a basement or a rooftop, both have issues. These issues are moisture and temperature. Rooftops are generally ferociously hot and damp in summers. In winters, they are icy. In contrast, basements are cold throughout the year. These seasons can damage the comfort level of your favorite place. Not only this, temperature and humidity issues can destroy your home and decrease its value eventually. Therefore, it is crucial to address these issues too. To avoid humidity:

  1. Install a moisture barrier in the walls and ceilings of the rooftop.
  2. For the basement, install a humidity barrier in the walls and floor.

Make sure you take proper measures to prevent moisture and temperature issues. So that your place remains fresh and comfy.


Changing your idle basement/ attic to a livable place is a big challenge. Visit Real Estate Agent in Long Island for a better idea to deal with this challenge.  Be prepared before you step into this. Keep in mind the point mentioned by Houses For Sale in Long Island. These will prepare and save you from losses or blunders that can happen in the future. Make sure to complete the inspection with the building codes before anything. Take time, think thoroughly, and start planning. This will lead you to success in the end. Consider the points mentioned above firstly. Get ready to transform your idle space into your favorite one. 

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