Listening to scary haunted stories is all fun and games until you experience one. But they do send a chill down your spine, which is when things start to become UGLY…   

When October arrives, all we do is prepare for one of the most awaited event of the year, Halloween. Being the most gruesome entertainment, Halloween is the night of revelry for many, but still a spooky one for so many of us. Everyone has different ways of celebrating Halloween. Some do by organizing Halloween events for children to keep them from running amok. At the same time, some keep them occupied by throwing parties, costume parades and making their house a haunted one. 

Imagine laying all comfy on your bed after the wild night of Halloween. Watching your favorite TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Netflix and you hear a grisly sound just right into your ear from your left, and when you turn around it’s no one there. And then you start watching the show again, believing it was a mere illusion, but then you suddenly see someone in peripheral vision. And you freaked out and began to run out of your room into the hallway, and there you see an upside-down hanging corpse with the throat slit open and no, no way it’s not just an ordinary Halloween eve, it is right there you can see it and smell it. And this is not an illusion anymore. What if the haunted house foul play you did on Halloween eve is not just a play anymore? What if the house is being spooky with ghouls and phantoms, which you never felt before. 

If the house you live in is an actual haunted house with supernatural powers and the filthiest poltergeist. Would you continue to live there knowing it’s not just you but hideous creations residing under the same roof as well?  

Don’t you worry, it is not just with you, there are a couple of homes in every town with a ghoulish history, and yours is unfortunately just one of them! When it comes to selling such stigmatized spooky properties, it gets on nerves real quick. But as a matter of fact, selling a haunted house is fun for more than 50% of the realtors. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are innumerable places across the United States where spooky stories have been passed down through the generations. Numerous compiled lists of some of the most mysterious locations, from haunted fortresses to horrific tales of agony and death.

And as per facts, it has been statistically proven by the survey taken by that 60% of the people are more eager to buy haunted houses that are stigmatized. Apparently, if a home has some paranormal history associated with it, it would make it less worthy for people to buy. This means that they can quickly put their hands on it at a reduced price than actual just because it is spooky. But with spookiness comes specific laws which must be enforced according to the policies. Therefore, realtors are advised to disclose the information as per laws. Realtors must be aware of the disclosure laws in their respective states.

In New York, the court will cancel a property transaction if the seller builds and maintains a ghostly reputation for the residence and then takes unfair advantage of the buyer’s ignorance of the dreadful reputation. There are laws in nine states that require the report of a death on the property. Death on the land must be disclosed within three years in California. A death that occurs within a year must be reported in Alaska. A homicide on the land must be disclosed in South Dakota. 

Property information that may cause “stigma” or “psychological effect” is not required to be reported in many states. Paranormal or supernatural activity is mentioned explicitly as a “psychologically impacted” quality that does not need to be revealed in Massachusetts and Minnesota.

In New Jersey, a seller must inform a buyer of the truth if their house has ghost roommates – but only if the buyer asks.  

Another option for selling a reputedly haunted property is to capitalize on the legend! The prospect of living in a haunted house will appeal to a specific part of the populace. Be strategic and innovative with your marketing with this in mind.

Haunted House in Long Island

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