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Why A Coffee And Not A Tea Shop?

People consume coffee more than tea according to a survey. Coffee lovers drink 3.4 cups of coffee in a day. Whereas tea lovers consume 2.7 cups of tea on average. Based on this, we know that people prefer coffee more than tea. If you do the same, continue reading as we are going to tell you the steps to create a small coffee shop. That too, within your own home. There are hundreds of coffee shops in urban areas at every street corner. But if you are saving for something, these coffee shops are not for you. Because this can affect your savings. Calculate,  as a coffee cup costs $3- $5. If you buy a coffee cup daily, that makes around $35 each week. Now continue this calculation for months and years. You will see that just a cup of coffee is a significant expense in your pocket. Not to forget that this is without cookies or muffins. After this calculation, it is time to do something. All you need to do is follow the steps below. Set up a coffee shop in your house. Satisfy your coffee cravings and start saving. You can add more flavours and use good quality beans to have more fun. The idea sounds fantastic! Right? Let’s get into it.

  1. Decide A Coffee Corner in Your House

Making coffee at home is a lot of fun if you have everything you need. The list includes an area for preparing coffee. All material for preparing coffee and a comfy spot to enjoy it. Firstly, clear up some space in your kitchen. That can be on your kitchen counter too. It will be the area where you will place all the utensils you need. If you have a small kitchen, do not worry. You have the option to use a swivelled kitchen cart. It is tiny and moveable. You can keep everything in it and move it wherever you want. If not this, you can move things around to create some space. After this, you can adjust a storage shelf or a table. On which you can place all the items needed for preparing coffee. You can either rent or get designed the rack from a carpenter. This storage shelf is also helpful in placing your accessories in it.  In this way, you can have more space within your house.

  1. Get Your Hands On The Coffee Supplies

A good and famous coffee shop has a variety to offer. They offer different types of coffee and coffee-based beverages. For the same experience at home, you need to get all the items. So that you can prepare expressos, cold drinks, cappuccinos and much more. For all of this, you require the supplies. With which you can experience all flavours at home. Below is the list of things you need to get started.

  • An Espresso Machine

It is an essential thing for getting started. You cannot make coffee without an espresso machine. Buy the one which can work with coffee beans or coffee grounds. Avoid going for the one who needs coffee pods. Because coffee pods are not that tasty. They are also not friendly to the environment.

In contrast, coffee beans are delicious and fresh. They make tasty coffee if they are of high quality. If you cannot afford an espresso machine, you can use a Moka Pot. Or you can make your coffee on your stove. This option is inexpensive as well as durable. The coffee is also tasty and almost the same as an espresso maker.

  • An AeroPress Device

This tool is a new addition to the coffee collection. It is primarily devoted to all coffee lovers. It is helpful in making espresso and cold coffee beverages. This machine is convenient and a must-have.

  • A French Press Machine

This is a handy machine. It helps in bringing a massive variety to the table. With this, you can make smoother and scented coffee. It is also helpful in making cold coffees. This machine makes your kitchen counter a lot more beautiful. That too, within your budget.

  • A Milk Creaming Machine

Most of the time, espresso machines have the option to cream the milk. If not an espresso machine, you have the option of hand-held milk creamer. This hand-held milk creamer will save more, and you can use it for a lifetime.

  • A Turkish Coffee Container/ Pot

It is the best thing to boil the coffee slowly. It brings out all the flavour and taste of coffee. Believe it or not, you will never regret this purchase.

  • A Coffee Crusher

Coffee crushers are usually used by professionals. But if you know how to use it, you should go for it. Coffee grinders bring out the alluring smell of coffee beans. If you are new to making coffee, take help from the coffee roastery.  They can assist with the options you can use for grinding coffee beans.

  1. Set Up a Cozy Area For Your Mansions in Long Island 

After selecting the coffee corner and getting all utensils, choose a cosy area. That should be the place where you can enjoy your coffee and relax. Select your favourite spot in your house or apartment. Please think of the ways with which you can decorate it. The area can be your balcony or your terrace. If not this, your window is an option as well. You can use small plants or comfy cushions. A small but adorable chair and table or some motivational quotes. Fairy lights or cute wall decoration can be your options too. You can take ideas from the website of mansions in Long Island. Design it in a way that gives you relaxation and happiness. This area will give a cute and appealing look to your mansions in Long Island.
mansions in Long Island

  1. Explore The Creative Ways

You can try new recipes and techniques while preparing the coffee. Depending on your taste and choice, you can use different spices. Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon or nutmeg can be your options. Use milk, chocolates, syrups or ice-creams. With this, you can explore more and make your specialty. In this way, you can decorate your coffee your way. From controlling the amount of sugar to using the leftovers in your way. Whether you use it to fertilize your plants or to exfoliate the skin. You have everything under your control.   


Now you can easily create your coffee shop at your home or mansions in Long Island. With these four steps by  Real Estate Agent in Long Island, you are all set. With your coffee shop setup, you can save more money. While experiencing the most tasteful coffee anytime at your place.

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