There are plenty of houses for sale in Long Island. So naturally, every seller wants their home to be sold quickly and at a high price. But not all of them get what they wished for. Have you ever thought about why this happened? If not, continue reading because Real Estate Agent in Long Island will tell you why! 

Everything is happening online these days. It includes the buying and selling of houses as well. The online buyers firstly see the photos in the home listing. If they are not eye-catching, they will lose interest. The buyers may not give a second look at the house. It means that the house has lost a potential buyer. That is why perfect photos of a home are an essential thing while selling.

What To Do for The Perfect Photos?

Firstly, hire a professional photographer. They will walk through your house and analyze the best spots in the space. Since real estate photographers are experts, they know how to attract buyers. They have tools and lightning which can showcase your property perfectly. They manage the brightness and highlight the best features, and make your house look more prominent. But it is not only the duty of the photographer to manage everything on the photoshoot day. It’s your responsibility too to prepare your home before he arrives. Make sure to read everything before. It will save the photographer’s time and energy. He could take better shots with different angles if everything were ready early. The average charges of real estate photographers are $100. But if you have a low budget, you can still do this. The lowest charges are $55- $65 for an hour. While the highest charges range between $180 – $200 for each hour. Make sure you make the maximum use of this hour. 

Now the question is, how would you do that? Well, don’t worry. Real Estate Agent in Long Island is here for you. In this article, we will tell you 15 step checklists to beautify your home for listing photos.

  1. Clean The Counters, Cabinets & Sink of The Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of a house. A clean and furnished kitchen will attract buyers at first sight. Make sure to clear the counters with a wet cloth. Remove the cutleries, appliances, and mixers from the counter. Remove the dirt from the cabinets. Cleanse the sink by pouring warm water into it. Scrub the backsplash and the stains. It will make the kitchen look cleaner and more prominent. The buyers can imagine how they can use the kitchen more clearly. Place some decorative pieces over the counter to give an elegant look.

  1. Remove the Floor Rugs & Carpets

Carpets and floor rugs give a more petite look to the house space. While in photos, it should look more prominent and beautiful. Eliminate all mats and runners from the house. Photographers have professional cameras which have wide-angle lenses. These lenses make the room look larger. Carpets can ruin the effects of these lenses. Therefore, it is advised to remove them before the photo shoot. Don’t forget to clean and mop the floor of the house.

  1. Clean The Sink, Shower & Bathtub of The Bathroom

Make your bathroom look bigger by removing all the unnecessary items. Start by putting all shampoo, body washes, and conditioner bottles in one place. Clean the bathroom counter. Fold all the towels and place them on the rack. Scrub the tiles, sink, tub, and showers. Clean the mirrors with a wet cloth and hide all accessories inside the drawers.

  1. Take Away Your Photos from The Rooms

Remove your photos from every room if you want to attract buyers. It will help the buyers to imagine themselves in the home more perfectly. Remember, the buyers are interested in your house, not in you. Therefore, eliminate all your photos before the photoshoot. Make your entire home free of your memories for the pictures.

  1. Turn Off the TV, Fans & Other Devices

Most professional photographers go for high dynamic range photography. HDR photography uses multiple exposures of lights for every picture. It then combines them in one final shot at the end. In this case, anything which can cause motion will look odd in the photo. Furthermore, it will destroy the overall look by creating a blurry effect. Therefore, it is better to turn off all ceiling fans, tv or computer screens.

  1. Light Up the House Completely

Lightning makes everything attractive. For perfect photos of your home, turn on all the lights. It will help the photographer to take clear and bright images. Lighting will highlight all aspects of your house beautifully. Turn on all the bulbs, lamps, and ceiling lights to make your home photos more alluring.

  1. Clean & Make the Beds

For a furnished look of your home, make your bedrooms look cleaner. Start by cleaning the furniture. Place matching bedsheets and pillow covers on the beds. Decorate the bed with a tallying blanket. Make sure that the bed sheets and covers fit the mattress perfectly. Finally, choose the prints and colors according to the paint color of your room. Your room should look brighter and clean in the photos.

  1. Give A Touch-Up to The Houseplants

Houseplants give a lively vibe to the entire house. They are in trend these days too. Buy some potted plants if you don’t have any. If you have any, clean them. Trim the dead leaves. Dust the leaves with a cloth. Give them some water and place them perfectly.  It will give a vibrant look to your home pictures. This tip will rate up to your home among all houses for sale in Long Island.  

  1. Eliminate Excessive Furnishings & Ornaments

This step will give an edge to your house among all the houses for sale in Long Island. Removing the furniture from your home can be difficult. But it will provide an exceptional look to your house. The place will look bigger and clear with a huge floor space. It will help the buyers to imagine them in the home more evidently. You can consult our professionals’ stagers to examine the items of your house. They will assist you with the things you should keep during the photoshoot. So that your home looks perfect and elegant in the listing photos.

  1. Give A Tidy Look to Your Yard

The first picture in your home listing will be your yard shot. It should attract the attention of buyers at first sight. Make sure to make this picture-perfect and alluring. Trim the plants in the garden and clean the yard. Water the plants to give them a green and fresh look. It will make the photo more colorful.

  1. Showcase the Unique Features of Your House

Do you have any ‘wow spots’ in your house? Make sure to highlight it in the listing photos. It can be your fireplace, pool in the backyard, or any cozy area. Clean the space and decorate it before the photo shoot. The unique feature will allure the buyers immediately. 

  1. Clean Your Porch

The porch area accumulates dirt and leaves very quickly. Clean the front and back portions of the porch. Sweep them and remove the unnecessary items. Decorate the patio with some flower pots. It will give a beautiful and peaceful look to space.

  1. Clear The Road and Driveway In Front of Your House

The front look of your house should be clean and perfect. Your entrance gate and the overall house should look neat in the listing photos. Remove all your cars from the road. Try to capture the front shot when there is no traffic on the driveway. Ask your neighbors to remove their vehicles too before the photoshoot. Don’t forget to clean the front area of your house for a tidy effect.

  1. Secrete The Garden Equipment & Dustbins

Gardening equipment will not look good in the photos of houses for sale in Long Island. Therefore, it is advised to hide all the equipment before the photoshoot. Don’t forget the garbage bins. They will give a wrong impression to the buyers. Remove the toys from the garden too. Do this before so that the photos can look more impeccable.

  1. Give A Ready for Photoshoot Walk to Your House

Your house should be perfectly ready for a photo shoot before the photographer arrives. Make sure to walk through the entire house. Remember that your home should look enchanting, spacious, and clean. Remove all unnecessary things. Below is a small checklist to mark during the walk. Make sure that the:

  • The mailbox and entrance are clean.
  • The hallway is clean, without any magazines, toys, and pet bowls.
  • Slabs of the kitchen and bathroom are clear.
  • Everything is in the closet.
  • All rooms are clean and settled.
  • The front road of the house is clear.


The steps mentioned in this checklist are simple and less time-consuming. Yet you can beautify your home by listing photos in just days—Mark the checklist. Make your home more prominent among other houses for sale in Long Island. Attract the buyers quickly with beautiful listing photos. For any help, feel free to contact Real Estate Agent in Long Island!




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